Individual Experiences and Social Stigma: Psychological Impact of Sexual and Gender-Based Violence in Conflict

Sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) is prevalent in conflict and post-conflict societies. The vulnerability of institutions traditionally designed to offer social protection to victims and the lack of professionally trained personnel in such countries are issues that require further attention. Addressing one aspect of SGBV affected by these factors – the psychological impact on its victims – carries significance for the overall rebuilding of post-conflict societies. Continue reading

Increased vulnerability of Gender Based Violence in refugee settings – lack of provision, choice and acceptance

UNHCR defines Gender Based Violence as ‘violence that is directed against a person on the basis of gender or sex’ (2003). It encompasses violence occurring in the family, within the general community, and perpetrated or condoned by the State and institutions. In general it would appear there is limited provision supporting survivors of gender based violence in refugee settings, following the pattern of gender in emergency settings as ‘nice to have’. Continue reading

The Long Road to Recognition: Sexual and Gender-Based Crimes as International Crimes

Sexual and gender-based crimes (SGBC) have long been neglected in international criminal law. It took decades and significant efforts by international civil society to change the status quo. While SGBC have already been recognised as crimes against humanity and war crimes at the International Criminal Court, the actual implementation of provisions enabling the prosecution of such crimes has shown mixed results. Continue reading

Progress or Stagnation? Contextualizing the case of Genocide committed against the Yazidi

Since the inception of ISIS the international community at large has been speaking out against the widespread violence stemming from the terrorist group. Despite the vast array of crimes committed by the Islamic State, a new boundary was transgressed in August of 2014 with the invasion of Mount Sinjar. One the international community had historically vowed to protect against with the phrase “never again”. Continue reading

Where are we now? United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 and Women, Peace, and Security

Today marks the 16th anniversary of the unanimous adoption of the United Nations Security Council resolution 1325, the first UNSC resolution regarding the theme of women, peace and security. The process of addressing gender issues on an international scale has been a long and arduous process initiated from the UN Charter in 1945 lasting until 31 October 2000. Continue reading