An Introduction to Gender Nationalism Theory

Carole Pateman points out in her book, The Sexual Contract, that in the ‘new civil society,’ men designed social contracts for the state, giving them paternal freedom from their fathers; however, in this process, a new patriarchal civil society’ emerged—women became subjected to men. As social contracts were written, women were excluded from this process; thus, social contracts became sexual as well, engendering women’s bodies to the private sphere. Continue reading

Looking Through the Glass Ceiling: Gender and Professional Development event at the University of Cambridge

The Centre for Gender Rights at LCILP Global is excited to announce our event, ‘Looking Through the Glass Ceiling: Gender and Professional Development’, held in partnership with CantaBulgarian at the University of Cambridge. Join us for an evening to discuss the challenges faced by women in professional sectors and progress that has been made. Drinks and a networking opportunity will follow our panel. To register your interest in the event, or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Gender team at  cantabg-lcilp-evebt-brochure